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Shoot-Shi is a game concept I developed together with a team. It is an AR tower defense game. The project paused at the production stage and is not completed. The technical side of the game like the AR technology are handled by the other teammates. Me and another teammate handled the art direction of the game.

The story of the game is Lovecraftian monsters who want to open their own sushi joint comes out of the deep sea to attack the player's salmon farm. Above is one of the character concept I designed for the game.

This head chef character's concept is designed by another team member. It is made in a much different art style than this current one. My job is to unify the art style of the characters for the presentation.

This human chef's concept is modified slightly by me from the original design. The purpose of the re-design is the same, which is unifying the art style.

This is the cleaner of the kitchen, he is suppose to look kind of sad as he does not enjoy what he is doing.

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