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Tower of Tarot


Tower of Tarot is the current project I am working on. It is a card based rogue like adventure game. In the game, the player will explore the Tower of Tarot to reveal treasures and secrets inside in. Inside the tower, the player will play cards to perform skills and attacks in encounters. The player will defeat randomly generated encounters to climb to the top of the tower. When the player reaches the top and defeats the boss, the tower will reset and the game play cycle repeats.

Above is the most current screen shot of the game. The current prototype of the game is very bare-bone but functional. The player will be able to play cards to perform different actions like healing and attacking. The encounters can be defeated and new one will randomly spawn. The game will end when 3 encounters are defeated or the player died.


There are still some functionality, like upgrading cards after encounters that I wanted to add to the game which I will continue developing. 

These are some card designs I made for the game. There are action cards that are more flashy and utilities.

This is a design of a Minotaur for the game. It is suppose to be a big and sturdy monster.

The design for one of the boss creature in the game, "The Fool". The design take elements from the major arcana with the same name, like the dog and the baggage on a stick. 

This goblin is one of many of his kind. I plan to have multiple classes of goblins like rogues, warriors and mages.

The design for another boss, "The Lovers". The couple is a reference to the major arcana. The male is a melee attacker and the female is a magic user.

Tower of Tarot is a game that I am still currently working on. The game idea might not be the most original one but I believe that the art style of the game is important for the success of the game. I am enjoying creating and refining art assets for the game. The technical side of the game is relatively shallow and I am not too technical of a person. Still I try my best to make the game function as I intended.

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